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The Benefits of Rehabilitation | Roar Wellness Rehabilitation

The Benefits of Rehabilitation | Roar Wellness Rehabilitation

“We have plenty of tomorrows to compensate wrongdoing of yesterday”

The Benefits of Rehabilitation  Roar Wellness Rehabilitation

In 2019 a man from the Delhi rehab center completed his treatment for drug abuse which he had since the age of 15. After treatment, he is living a normal life as a responsible citizen with a wife, 2 kids, and well income job. 
In India according to the AIIMS report in the year 2021, we have 12.5 crore adults and 4.6 crore children reported to have to severe addiction problems this number includes both drug and alcohol abuse. These are just a number that got registered, reality is far worse than this number. As the same report by AIIMS India has 22,000 deaths every year due to drug overdoes or death happen due to a person being under influence of alcohol. As per Delhi police records half of the crimes in under influence of drugs/alcohol making us realize that it not only affects the person who is using it but the family and people around them. if we want a country to be more peaceful, we need to eliminate the addiction to toxic substances.
Delhi has the high and most prestigious rehabs not only in India but also over the world. In India over 45,000 People get successfully treated and cured of addiction and in that number more than 17,000 are from Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi. There are over 177 certified Rehabs centers in Delhi NCR. These rehabs center in Delhi have both free for cost for citizens below the poverty level and grand luxurious rehabs which enrolled buy people across India. In Rehab we experience reinventing ourselves. It is tough for us to focus on our life goals and end the addiction cycle. Let’s have a view on the benefits of joining a rehab.

A safe and supportive environment 

Leaving addiction in a safe environment is very important due to critical withdrawal symptoms like fatigue, muscle pain, nausea, sweating, tremor, and vomiting. Rehab are providing you with support medically and mentally to tackle all withdrawal symptoms and has a good staff to take care of all your daily needs.

Multiple Therapies and treatment – 

The Rehab center in Delhi NCR has 4 main Therapies and treatments. These are – CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) in this, participants are questioned and analyzed their recurring thoughts in order to eliminate those that are negatively impacting and cause a need for intoxication. MI (Motivational Interviewing) – this is a treatment where participants choose their own ways of distraction and are motivated to follow them. Rest two are REBT (Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy) and 12-Step Facilitation they will guarantee to have success and fewer relapse chances.

24x7 Medical Support – 

Due to Withdrawal symptoms occurring in participants during the day and especially at night Rehabilitation centers have 24x7 medical support and staff. With medication for every withdrawal symptom and have the training to treat any physical injury.  

A Focus on Health – 

The main focus of the Rehabs in Delhi is to recover your health by providing you organic and controlled diet so that you physical health will be in the top class. For mental health, they have one on one therapy sessions and also group yoga meditation classes. so, you can recover as fast as possible so you can continue with your daily routine and recover financially too.


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